Monday nights @ Lentils as Anything

– Tonight It’s the first time doing treasure hunt with Rowan, Lydia and Anthony., Amy showed up afterwards. After we spent time in prayer we wrote down all the clues. In the midst of our discussion training we saw Tim ride his bicycle into our midst I saw there was such joy upon him as he greeted me with a big hug that was heart to heart. There was certainly a sense of the word Enthos- in greek Enthusiasm – “God within”. Joy flooded my heart to see this, as I shared it with the team. Though Tim was still in his old habits of wanting to smoke a joint, there was a significant change in him. He did say he wanted to talk, but due to the duration taken with Fanny, we did not see that window. As we walked into deeper into the compound the awesome foursome, had to split up pretty quickly as I noticed a person with a black beanie, upon walking up, I explained myself regarding treasure hunt it was all no no no one here that is sick as such. But then Kaya, whom we met 2weeks prior says her sister Fanny was stomped by a cop in the head who had severe concussion which knocked her out. We said sure we’ll pray for her. So she brought Lydia and I to her. We explained what we’re doing so Fanny stood there happily receiving healing. She explained that she had severed head pain, eye sore, Imbalance in standing up. What seemed like 30 + minutes she improved so much she could spin around without feeling dizzy, pain left as we commanded the pain to leave, healing to comforth spirit of Christ to come flood her soul. Lydia prayed for Joy and I prayed for Abba’s love to flood her. As u did this I noticed she started welling up in tears in her eyes and Lydia me and her started laughing cause of the Joy of God that flooded our surroundings and heart. It was an Awesome night so far as we got share the love of Christ to her. We got ministered to areas of her life which breakthrough was one of the treasure list. We got to also minister and lay hands on her sister as I said to Fanny hey tell
Your sister about it. Apparently at this stage Kaya said yeah I felt something before hand as we began praying for Fanny! So that was super cool how they’re connected spiritually. Lydia & I got to exposed the lies of new age culture such as reiki. I really appreciated the dynamics of how Lydia was like playing double players in a tennis match where I took back court and she took the front. Was tremendously divinely well operated like a fine clock work. It was about 10:05 I felt there was more on my list so I pressed on back to the garden, so we heard laughter and voices and so these guys sat there,
I believe they’re looking into budhism as they had a book on it. Sad to say if they’re looking the places they’ve been hasn’t satisfied them, so this reminded me a great need for the Church to be the forefront in spirituality and releasing encounters. So it turns out one of them had a sore knee from what ever she gets up to. Lydia laid hands and I joined in as well. She got healed and wished them well for the night. As the night drawing to an end we were praying outside to wrap up the night and Anthony spots the treasure with the auburn scarf. We picked up the pace and explain to this lady Rebekah what we’re doing. She said go for it. She stuck her knee out. She got healed! Whoop whoop!!! GOD IS AWESOME!!!! Whooooo hooo!!! 
Luv it!!!


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